why airport Advertising

Airports have always been an ideal vehicle for branding and creating heightened visibility to an elusive, affluent, and influential audience. With the introduction of high impact digital media and its capability to deliver full-motion video, airports are now one of the few areas where advertisers can deliver powerful creative messages to a captive audience, who are in a confined area for an average of 90 minutes. 

According to the 2017 Neilson airport advertising study, frequent flyer travelers notice and read airport advertising, they are responsive and ready to shop and get involved. One in five travelers say they have purchased an item they saw advertised in the airport, making airport advertising a very powerful marketing vehicle.

Frequent flyers (FF) fast facts:

FF noticed airport advertising80%
FF are more likely to shop brick and motor after seeing airport ad90%
FF read airport advertising66%
FF recalled ad when making a purchase decision47%
FF took action by visiting a website, went to a store or learned more47%

The diversity of affluent, responsive consumers, multiple airports, static and digital media options and locations make airport advertising an extremely efficient method of precisely targeting just the right consumers.

Our partnerships with two of the leading airport advertising concessionaires, JCDecaux North America and Lamar Airport Advertising, enable us to integrate a network of airports to engage, influence and impact your targeted audiences.

Target your audience – Each airport and terminal provides its own unique audience of local, national and international consumers with disposable income. Consumers in every demographic and lifestyle can be targeted through airport advertising.  Detailed information on travelers makes it easy to micro-target specific consumers based on their buying habits and preferences. 

Business Traveler-Frequent Flyers

Leisure Travelers- Vacationers

Key Infuencers – Celebrities/Influencers

International Travelers

Multiple airport and advertising locations – Our marketing experts and media planners, can assist advertisers design a strategic media plan that concentrates on specific audiences and areas. Our ACDBE partnerships with JCDecaux North American and Lamar Airport Advertising, not only enables us to have access to a network of airports, we can also provide our clients the easy of focusing on their creative while we navigate through the airport(s) strict contracting and posting policies and procedures. Additionally, our media planners will negotiate and manage media buys at airports managed by other prime concessionaires. A strategic, integrated media plan and strong creative will enable advertisers to watch their sales soar!

Our experienced team will help you plan out the most effective media options for your advertising goals.

Variety of advertising options – There is a wide variety of vehicles available designed to maximize passengers’ exposure to advertising messages – electronic kiosks, wall posters, overhead banners, static displays and many more options to choose from. 

Advertising vehicles can be selected based on the desired effect. Digital walls and bridges provide high impact, larger than life exposure – effectively delivers the “Wow!” factor.  Digital Displays, strategically placed in high volume locations, increase brand awareness and exposure. Digital Displays also provide the flexibility to change content and target messaging in real time. Recharge stations located throughout each airport increase brand awareness and exposure to both arriving and departing travelers.