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  1. Airports serviced over 849 Million travelers in 2017 and continue to see increases in passenger travel.
  2. Frequent business travelers & affluent leisure travelers are responsive to advertisements and look to be informed while at airports.

According to the Airlines for America statistics, in 2017 there were over 849 million scheduled passenger enplanements (revenue generating passenger boardings). Airlines have seen year over year increases and of those, over 126 million came from Southern California airports.  This provides a valuable opportunity for advertisers to access the diverse, affluent, and influential audiences of families, milleninnials, business, entertainment, and sports powerbrokers unique to SoCal. That is the beauty of airports, you can geotarget specific audiences based on airport locations and passenger profiles. Through a strategically designed network of airports, advertisers can easily follow targeted audience along their travel journey.

The airport environment harnesses the power of a captive audience who arrive early and pay more attention to advertising while waiting for their flight. Passengers are also in a confined area which provides an ideal opportunity for advertisers to engage their target audience while they wait. The 24/7 monitored and secured airport environment is perfect for expertiental components and exhibits to interact with travelers.

Almost all travelers report spending at least 30 minutes or more walking the concourse, proving that the airport is an ideal environment for advertisers to get their brand noticed by the right audience.

*2017 Nielsen Airport Insight Study

passengers boarded domestic and International flights in 2017
passengers boarded domestic flights in 2017