Hollywood Burbank airport (BUR)

  1. BUR is the hub for media & entertainment execs as well as locals who frequently travel.

  2. A favorite amongst locals and movie industry professionals alike.

Known as the friendliest, most convenient airport in the Los Angeles region, HOLLYWOOD BURBANK AIRPORT served over 5 million passengers last year.

Burbank is commonly referred to as the “Media Capital of the World,” due to the many network and cable television, post-production and movie studios that have made the city their home.

Burbank residents and the 36.7 million annual visitors enjoy traveling via this convenient and friendly airport.

BUR is the airport of choice for many in the entertainment industry, and local frequent flyers who value the convenience this airport provides. This airport is ideal for advertisers who are looking to target this particular group of executives and locals.

By the numbers:

*2017 & 2018 Nielsen/Scarborough Research Corp

2018 Bur total passengers
average monthly passengers