Media Products

Airports have a wide range of inventory that can fit advertisers’ creative and innovative needs while providing an opportunity to saturate specific areas. From baggage claim in the Thomas Bradley International Terminal at LAX to the passenger waiting area in American Airlines at the Ontario International Airport, and passenger walkways in John Wayne Airport, there are hundreds of targeted locations to effectively reach specific consumers.

Static Signage

A variety of static media assets are available that deliver maximum audience impact with constant visibility and heightened prominence. Static signage allows advertisers to own the space while contracted by them. The airport media assets range from:

Digital High definition units

Single and double-sized 55” to 85” LCD screens, large bridge and video walls allow advertisers the ability to run static, semi-static or full motion images that communicate brand’s messaging in a unique and engaging way. With video being the number one form of media, digital displays provide tremendous value. Advertisers have the option to runs advertising in loops, with 10, 20 or 30 second spots per advertising

Baggage Claim Digital Area Units and Kiosks

Stand alone kiosk or high definition LED digital screens mounted on top of the baggage claim carousels provides head-on visibility to travelers. This is a great option for local advertisers who want to reach arriving passengers and drive traffic to their location. Baggage Claim Area Units also have exhibit/engagement areas giving advertisers an opportunity to integrate an experiential component in a very secure environment to any campaign. These areas are a great option to integrate with your digital campaign or for local destinations that want to drive traffic to their locations. The best part is that we can handle the project management, production and installation of your digital and experiential components.

Experiential Areas (Stand alone or integrated)

Various locations throughout the airports are available to showcase actual products and engage travelers in secure airport locations. This is an opportunity for advertisers to be more inventive and foster higher brand engagement within the airport through exhibits, tasting stations, build outs, immersion zones and promotional stunts. In these designated experiential areas brands can create an engaging, out-of-the-box advertising program that resonates with the traveling public.