Airports are high security areas. Prior to installation in the airport setting, all creative artwork must be approved by airport management. There are several necessary steps required for the production and installation of the advertiser’s artwork for each airport. From the approval process to working with the required airport-approved vendors, JCP-IAA provides clients with hassle-free production management. Once your contract is fully executed, JCP-IAA will handle all the approvals. As an additional service, JCP-IAA can handle printing, installation and any future copy changes.

Experiential Marketing and Brand Activations

In our digital-focused society, experiences have become a necessary way to engage audiences. Brands today must foster relationships with customers in order to build loyalty & engagement in real life (IRL) allowing for higher brand recall. Airports offer advertisers a secure environment to innovate and showcase their brand, products and services using exhibits, experiential stations, immersion zones and promotional programs to responsive travelers.

Additionally, we’ve found that incorporating a regionally-based offsite customer experience or “experiential” component that further enhances travelers’ interaction with the brand is a natural component that will extend customer brand interactions.

Branded experiences are a tangible way to gather real life data, collected directly from the audience. This allows the brand to know exactly what their customer wants, and tell their unique story through sensory; touch, taste & smell, while providing a long-lasting impression.

Our innovative experiential team will work to build & execute a compelling brand experience, and seamlessly integrate within secured areas of the airport as well as produce and manage off-site experiences in high impact locations for brands looking for more flexibility.